These brilliant women champion the work of Luminary Bakery, supporting & inspiring us in many ways. Both Benjamina & Henrietta run workshops for our trainees and have developed exclusive products available in our cafe!

Photos by Ryland Lovvorn & GIles Smith Photography

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2016 Great British Bake Off quarter finalist, Benjamina Ebuehi is a Londoner who has been baking since she was 14...

“I believe that the gifts and talents we’ve been given should be shared and used to benefit and encourage others - I’ve chosen to do that through partnering with Luminary Bakery. They are doing a wonderful job of equipping, training and listening to women, and I’m so excited to be a part of the journey. ''

Her website is Carrot & Crumb



Henrietta Inman is a pastry chef, author, cookery teacher, gardener and edible flower grower, celebrating baking with natural, seasonal and local ingredients...

"I truly believe that learning a craft to carry you through life - to earn a living; to support yourself and your family; even to take you around the world, working in new and exciting places - is so important and so empowering. This is why I have chosen to work with Luminary Bakery. The work that they do and the kindness, commitment and support that they show to the women on their employability programmes is just astounding. In the past year I have seen them develop so much, from their bakery and wholesale business to their café, and to collaborations with Ben and Jerry’s and more recently, their wonderful stall at Borough Market. Luminary is growing from strength to strength, as are the amazing and brave women who graduate from their courses. I am so excited to be part of this growth, to share my skills as a pastry chef, to teach at and to support this enterprise in any way that I can."

Her website is Henrietta Inman