A Cookie to Say it All

Image courtesy of VintageHolidayCrafts.com
Messages to lovers and loved ones called valentines have been around since the Middle Ages, and centuries later they are a part of pop culture because they transform with the times.
The oldest valentine still in existence is a poem dating back to 1415 from Charles, Duke of Orleans, written to his wife after being captured in the Battle of Agincourt and imprisoned in the Tower of London. In the 1700's handmade cards eventually became fashionable as people turned crafty to carry out all sentiments of the heart until advancements in printing began to replace them with ready made cards and written messages on confectionery in the 1900's. Candy hearts manufactured by Necco in 1902 sweetly said direct messages that for the time would have made anyone blush, with "kiss me" and "be mine."  Modern valentines are much more secretive since 2010 with new sayings like "text me" and "tweet me" where you can tell someone how you really feel behind the walls of a phone or computer.

At Luminary Bakery we're carrying on the tradition by making personalised sugar cookies on February 14th between 4pm-6pm. There will be a limited supply of heart shaped cookies and we're looking to you for what they should say! Tweet us your ideas or a custom message @luminarybakery #valentine.  Quirky, cliche and blue Valentine sayings welcome (this is 2014 after all...) See you this V-day at Kahaila Cafe and bring a date because these cookies are not for the faint of appetite ♥.