It’s been a while. We’ve been busy. Busier than Kahaila on a Sunday. Yeah that busy.But we don’t need to tell you that - by purely looking at the lack of blog posts recently you’ve probably guessed just how much has been going on here. Oh you detective you…

However, we’re back. We’ve picked ourselves up, dusted the flour off our camera and got back on this blogging horse. Oooh the excitement!

On that note, we do have some super exciting news for you.After months and months of dreaming, praying and planning, on 19th September we held the first session of our baking course for vulnerable women. AND it went SO well.

‘Wait, baking course?’ Let’s fill you in...

We produce high quality baked goods for non-profit, you know that. But alongside this, the main focus of Luminary Bakery is to give opportunities and purpose to vulnerable women through training, employment and community. We want to see all women in East London provided with an opportunity to leave their vulnerable situations and be released into a positive future. That’s the dream.

At present this materializes as a sixth month baking training course teaching these groups of women everything they will need to obtain a job in a bakery or other food establishment, long-term giving them a stable and alternative source of income. We want them to grow holistically – encouraging ambition, restoration and second chances as well as giving them a trade to call their own.

So three weeks ago we welcomed 4 (soon to be 6) of these women into our bakery for the first time. After an afternoon of name learning/friendship building/ boundary setting/health and safety briefing/yogurt parfait making we could already see the difference this course could make to these women. It’s such a privilege for us to be able to be a part of this process alongside them.

We’re excited for what the future holds and hope you’re up for journeying with us.

R xo

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Good news! Luminary Bakery now has a Facebook Page, which you can visit by clicking here. If you love what we do please like our page and keep in touch.

We have a meeting today and that deserves some special celebratory food with this cream cheese strawberry tart dripping with strawberry jam. Expect some exciting things ahead!

Beautiful Breads

At Luminary Bakery we are big into flavours. We like to mix comfort food with our favourite ingredients from sweet to savoury filled with ingredients we love. Pictured here in our bread line is: cheddar and onion mini foccacias, cinnamon swirls, and whole wheat chilli parmesan fougasse. They are oh so morish and perfect next to a brimming cup of tea!

English Roses

We love supporting small businesses especially when they produce such loveliness as this! Thank you Latifa Nazeri for these beautiful English roses that will compliment our cakes and biscuits beautifully.

A Cookie to Say it All

Image courtesy of
Messages to lovers and loved ones called valentines have been around since the Middle Ages, and centuries later they are a part of pop culture because they transform with the times.
The oldest valentine still in existence is a poem dating back to 1415 from Charles, Duke of Orleans, written to his wife after being captured in the Battle of Agincourt and imprisoned in the Tower of London. In the 1700's handmade cards eventually became fashionable as people turned crafty to carry out all sentiments of the heart until advancements in printing began to replace them with ready made cards and written messages on confectionery in the 1900's. Candy hearts manufactured by Necco in 1902 sweetly said direct messages that for the time would have made anyone blush, with "kiss me" and "be mine."  Modern valentines are much more secretive since 2010 with new sayings like "text me" and "tweet me" where you can tell someone how you really feel behind the walls of a phone or computer.

At Luminary Bakery we're carrying on the tradition by making personalised sugar cookies on February 14th between 4pm-6pm. There will be a limited supply of heart shaped cookies and we're looking to you for what they should say! Tweet us your ideas or a custom message @luminarybakery #valentine.  Quirky, cliche and blue Valentine sayings welcome (this is 2014 after all...) See you this V-day at Kahaila Cafe and bring a date because these cookies are not for the faint of appetite ♥.  

Persimmon Crumble

This mysterious winter fruit eludes us no more after we baked it into a crumble bar!

Among other baked goods from the Luminary Line our vegan friendly persimmon cinnamon bars (say that five times in a row) with a hint of coconut are available this weekend at Kahaila Cafe, 135 Brick Lane, London.
See you there!

We Have Arrived!

After several meetings, emails and planning we have held our first event as the baked goods provider of Glimpse of Christmas.  As you can tell we were all quite pleased to finally be sharing our products with the public.  In the new year we have plans to be selling on a regular basis so be on the lookout for us! You can follow our progress here, on Instagram, Twitter, and soon to come Facebook.  

We hope you had a lovely holiday season and wish you all the best in the New Year!

Glimpse of Christmas

Come join us as we make our public debut at Glimpse of Christmas located in East London on Brick Lane!  You can begin celebrating the holidays early with our winter morsels from bread filled with butternut squash and chicken, cinnamon buns,  mince meat pies to cardamom rose cupcakes and much more.  There will also be Christmas inspired live music, poetry readings and artwork.  For more details look below.  Hope to see you there!

Glimpse of Christmas
Sunday, December 15, 2013
135 Brick Lane
E1 6SB
Doors open at 19:00
Free entry!